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Welcoming New Leadership

Updated: May 26, 2022

Sharon Cosimano Named Chief Operating Executive of Executive Services Corp of Houston

HOUSTON - Sharon Cosimano has been named as the Chief Operating Executive of Executive Services Corp of Houston (ESCH), a non-profit that strengthens nonprofits’ infrastructure through no-cost to low-cost consulting and education. Cosimano is responsible for carrying out the mission of ESCH while also having operational responsibility for programming, expansion, operations, business plans, and staff.

“The board is excited to work with Sharon as our new executive director,” said Erich Stolz, Chairman of ESCH’s Board of Directors. She is a positive and energetic leader with years of experience working with non-profits and we are confident that the ESCH will grow and flourish under her leadership.”

Cosimano most recently served as development and operations director of The Way Home Adoption, Inc. She was also the communications director/chief operating officer for Rural Outreach Center, a nonprofit organization focused on expanding, consolidating, and delivering services to the rural poor based in East Aurora, New York. Cosimano began her career with Joe Slade White and Company, an award-winning national media consulting firm, serving as the Chief Operating Officer prior to her departure.

“I am very proud and honored to be part of this great organization,” said Cosimano. “I couldn’t be more excited to further the mission that ESCH has been advancing for almost 40 years in Houston.”

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