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Executive Service Corps of Houston and UH's Bauer College of Business Partnership set to commence.

Registration Opens to Nonprofits For The Technological Solutions Program offered through Partnership.

HOUSTON – The Executive Service Corps Houston (ESCH) and the University of Houston Bauer College Partnership is accepting applications for their Project Management and Consulting Technological Solutions Program for nonprofits. This program finds solutions to technological challenges for nonprofits at an affordable price.

“ESCH and UH Bauer College is celebrating our 18th anniversary of this partnership and we are excited to offer this program again to nonprofits,” said Sharon Cosimano, CEO of Executive Service Corps of Houston. “Technology is often the piece of infrastructure unavailable to nonprofits because of the price and skill involved, so this is a significant program to help nonprofits move to the next step in achieving their mission.”

ESCH and Bauer College partner to deliver infrastructure-building solutions to nonprofits from websites to databases and more - while providing experiential learning for Bauer College students in the Project Management and Consulting classes and providing employers with job candidates who gain valuable work experience through the partnership.

“As the Dean of Bauer College I see directly how this program increases the impact on our community of the nonprofits we serve. The University of Houston is proud to support this wonderful cause,” said Dr. Paul Pavlou, Dean of Bauer College.

ESCH mentors lead teams of students to craft solutions to real-world problems, leading to a more significant impact on nonprofits in our community. There is a $250 administrative fee to participate and the organization may have more than 1 project per session. Interested organizations should apply on the ESCH website – The deadline for applications for the Fall semester program is August 18th.

Over the last 18 years, the Partnership has collaborated with organizations such as Habitat For Humanity to build an interactive map on their website, Second Mile developing digital processes, to the East Side University Village Community Learning Center, where the program allowed them to double their enrollment.

The ESCH/UH Bauer College Partnership serves nonprofits of any size in the Houston metroplex. Over the years, the program has helped over 700 nonprofits save over $4 million in service fees.

About ESCH

Founded in 1984, Executive Service Corps of Houston (ESCH) is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the greater Houston area by providing high-quality, affordable education and consulting services focused on strengthening infrastructure for nonprofits.

ESCH’s highly experienced and trained volunteer consultants have helped over 3,800 nonprofits with a broad spectrum of consulting services including strategic planning, operations, financial, and leadership, thus increasing nonprofits’ impact on the community. For more information, visit

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