Tom McIntosh

Former Executive Director & Consultant

Tom McIntosh retired from working with large corporations in 1990 after over 30 years. In his last position the Enterra Corporation, Tom was the Chief Executive Officer of this broadly based oil field services and equipment rental company. Prior to Enterra, Tom served in several assignments with Zapata Corporation, the last one as President and CEO of the Offshore Drilling Division. Tom assumed his assignments with Zapata after a 10-year stay with Tenneco Oil Company, where he last managed the world-wide supply and distribution arrangements of Tenneco’s refined products sales and purchases. Tom holds a Masters in Business Administration degree from Stanford University. Prior to attending Stanford, Tom received a Mechanical Engineering degree from Rice University. He has lived in Houston since 1970. In addition to volunteering at ESCH, Tom serves or has served on the boards of several public and private companies as well as on the board of the Family Service Centers.

ESCH Experience: Tom joined ESCH in 1994 and since then has helped more than two dozen nonprofits through training and/or management consultation services. Some of his recent clients and projects include:

The Zip Code Area Ministries initiative, an effort conceived of and sponsored by several Houston-based foundations seeking to improve the operation of 10 Houston-area ministries, the “ZCAMs”. Tom is serving as the lead consultant for ESCH’s team at the Memorial Assistance Ministry Thrift Store.

I Have A Dream-Houston provides support for at-risk youth by offering the successful graduates of its program monetary scholarship for attending college. In response to their request, Tom provided an audit of their adherence to their own Vision and Mission Statements, followed by assistance in identifying steps they needed to take to return to their stated objectives.

HISD is a well-known local educational organization that requested assistance in a review of their internal efficiencies in several non-academic operational areas. As part of a small ESCH team, Tom contributed assistance in the areas of student transportation (bus operations) and the operation of their own internal equipment service and repair departments.

According to Tom, working with ESCH has offered the rare opportunity to beneficially assist numerous not for profit organizations while using the skills and techniques he developed during his business career. He particularly has enjoyed meeting and working with the other ESCH consultants.

Tom McIntosh