Richard Tennille


Richard Tennille retired from Conoco in 1996 after a 29-year career. In his last position, he was a Senior Consultant. In this position, he provided engineering and operations support and advice. He holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and an M.S. degree in Industrial Engineering from Oklahoma State University. Richard and His wife Lillian have lived in Houston this time since 1984.

ESCH Experience: Richard joined ESCH in 1996 and since then has helped more than a dozen nonprofits through individualized consulting projects dealing with planning, budgeting or operational consulting. He is a trained coach and has helped several executive directors develop leadership skills through ESCH’s coaching program. He also is the past chair of ESCH’s Training & Education team. He continues to be involved with ESCH’s marketing efforts and you are likely to see him at ESCH’s booth/table at the annual PowerTools conference!

Some of his clients and projects include:
GC CDC – Helped them to prepare a three-year plan
Westside Homeless Partnership – Helped them to develop a three-year plan.
North Side Plaza CDC – Helped them to develop a budget

Richard enjoys being a part of ESCH and helping non-profit organizations achieve their goals. He says that the organizations that he has worked with have had great people with lots of enthusiasm and a strong desire to serving the community.

Richard Tennille