Francis (Frank) McGrath


Frank retired from Shell Oil Company in 2000 after a 33 year career in human resources and organizational development. In his last position, he negotiated human resource issues with parties to mergers and acquisitions in which Shell was involved. He holds a BA degree from Long Island University in History and English and an MS from the University of San Francisco in Human Resources and Organizational Development. Frank has been a Houston resident for a total of 18 years. In addition to volunteering with ESCH, Frank has his own consulting practice in which he provides service to clients in a number of industries, mostly energy related. He also has hobbies of a cabinetmaker and sculptor.

Frank participates in ESCH to add an additional dimension to his consulting skills, while at the same time giving back to the community.

ESCH Experience: Frank joined ESCH in 2002 and since, has helped more than 20 non-profits through training and/or management consulting services. Frank is also active in the management of ESCH, serving as a project director and chair of the special interest group for Human Resources. He is also an internal consultant to ESCH on matters such as Human Resources and strategic planning.

Some of his recent clients and projects include:

The Bridge Over Troubled Waters Organizational analysis

Clear Lake Emergency Management Corps Strategic Plan/Board Development

Houston Symphony League Bay Area Strategic Plan

Medical Bridges Workflow analysis

The following is a quote from a recent client:

“Thank you so much for coming to the Board Meeting and presenting the work of the Strategic Planning committee this morning. We had a lot of good feedback after the meeting and everyone was very positive while understanding that this is an ongoing process, it helped for them to see the goals and the areas that we hope to improve or expand on. If you send any information to me I will forward it to the Board. I hope to hear from Matthew VanBesien soon and I will let you know the outcome. Once again, thank you for all the time you have put into helping us with our long-range planning.”

Francis (Frank) McGrath