Dylan Brown


Dylan Brown is a Project Coordinator at Tank Consultants, Inc. where his plays a primary role in establishing two new regional offices through increasing revenues and profits, coordinating lines of communication and estimating/managing inspection and engineering projects.

Dylan also has extensive experience in a variety of industries including oil/gas, tourism logistics, life rescue, sales, and business development. Dylan holds a Bachelor of Science with a focus on Organizational Communication from Illinois State University. Dylan has lived in Houston since 2013 and volunteers with various organizations such as Young life, Clear Creek Community Church, and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

ESCH Experience: Dylan recently completed a consulting project involving the Art League of Baytown where he played an important role in improving the organization’s data management and communication capabilities that will help put this bay area non-profit for years to come. Dylan is a young professional and is eager to continue using his specific knowledge and skills set to benefit nonprofits in any way possible through training and/or management consultation services. Dylan’s particular areas of expertise are: Improving Communication for Managerial Effectiveness, Organizational Development, and Resource Management.

With respect to his ESCH experience, Dylan says “ESCH is a great way for those to give back to the community in a way that is outside the norm. It is a great organization made up of individuals with high aspirations not only for themselves but also those around them. This is reflected in the work they do with local non-profits day after day and project after project. I am grateful to be a member of the ESCH team.”

Dylan Brown