D. Carl Garrison, C.S.P.

Vice Chairman & Consultant

D Carl Garrison is the Owner at Superior IS. In this capacity, Carl is responsible for Executive Management. Carl holds an MS degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. He has lived in Houston since 1973. He is also active in/involved with Job Search Survival Mentoring.

ESCH Experience: Carl joined ESCH in 2013 and since then has helped more than 25 nonprofits through training and/or management consultation services. Carl’s areas of expertise are Information Technology. He is also the expert for Cloud Computing for ESCH.

Some of his clients and projects include:

Asian Chamber of Commerce, an organization that provides member services requested Consulting assistance. Carl helped them implement a Cloud Computing infrastructure.
With respect to his ESCH experience, Clients says “He is a Wizard”.

D. Carl Garrison, C.S.P.